The boy woke up in a strange place with people waiting in the long line. At the front of the line there's a stage. A person went up and roll a big dice. The announcer anounced that the person had rolled a "6". He added that the person will be born as a popular idol and will become rich. Someone in front of the boy told him that all people in the line were dead and now queued up to roll the dice too. When it's the boy's turn, the announcer told him to throw it well because his whole life will be determined by that. But the boy rolled a "1".

Then the scene cut to the present. Our protagonist is called Dongtae . He's called the "bread shuttle", always got bullied and have to run errands for his classmates (such as buying bread, which become his nickname).

While he's on the run, he come across Eunju , the prettiest girl in the school. He likes her so, so much that he is sure to hate anyone that will end up with her. When she calls out for him, Dongtae is full of happiness just because she remembers his name.

He think about what do people have to do in past life to get so lucky and blessed with everything - unlike him.

Then that day, new student was transferred. His name is Dong Taebin . If you combine his surname with his first name, the name is similar to our Dongtae's name and they even sit next to each other! Despite all that he keeps thinking how only their names are similar but the rest is completely different.

Dongtae peeks at Taebin and realize how handsome he is. Clear, bright, early eyes and has a great skin. Tae bin is very good at sports and also at studying. He stands out a lot and become popular in just a few days. But what breaks him most is he see how Taebin is such a good match for Eunju when they walk together.

When the school ends, Dongtae finds Taebin sitting alone in the classroom playing his cell phone. Dongtae is all beaten up by the gang that always bully him and when Taebin ask about the bruise, Dongtae snaps. He vent all his anger and jealousy at Taebin. Scoffing and tells Taebin how lucky he is to be born perfect like that.

Then Taebin ask Dongtae, "What if to be reborn and change everything in your life is as easy as a video game. Do you want to try it?".

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