Taebin 's word about turning life around might be easier than he thinks somehow stuck in Dongtae 's head. He keeps thinking how impossible it is to change someone that's good for nothing like him. He's short, has a bad posture. He looks dumb and striking dark circles under his eyes don't help. He's also not very sociable, always keeps to himself most of the time.

Flashback to yesterday when Taebin's talking to Dongtae, Taebin revealed his true self. His dark, twisted side. He seemed to hate the world even though he's blessed with everything. Then Eunju came into the classroom. And Dongtae suddenly realized that the reason Taebin was sitting alone in the empty classroom is that he was waiting for Eunju. Dongtae suddenly became hopeless and ran away before he could finished the conversation with Taebin. Then Eunju asked Taebin, after Dongtae's gone, if anything happened judging from the gloomy mood just then. Taebin faked a kind smile and said that it's nothing, complete opposite of the face he'd shown to Dongtae.

Then his phone rang. The text message came up, "the bread shuttle ran away" followed by "quest failed". Eunju asked him what's the text said. Taebin just brushed it off and said it's from his classmate about games. Then another text came. It ask if Taebin wanted to switch quest then. Another quest choice is to make Eunju his girlfriend. So he invited her to a dinner afterward.

The next day Dongtae runs into Eunju. She asked him about yesterday and if he's okay. Dongtae feels all giddy just because Eunju is worry about him. But then someone's yelling about fight on the rooftop and that Taebin's involved. Eunju reflexly dashes to the place.

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