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A boy wakes up in a place and is told that he died and is in the queue for reincarnation. Each person, before returning to life, must cast a giant die and the master or ceremony announces that the number that ends up will determine the outocome of their next life. The person before the boy rolls a six and is destined to become a rich, popular idol. The boy, however, rolls a one and it is announced that he will be a bread shuttle. A picture of the boy is shown and he is revealed to be Dongtae a second before being cast down towards the world.

The scene cuts to 17 years later, with Dongtae in the middle of a bullying session led by Hyunjo, all the while pondering whether his miserable life was somewhat predetermined. His feelings of wretchedness are increased by watching Eunju, the prettiest and most popular girl in the school, and the object of his love, from a distance.

He thinks about what people have to do in past life to get so lucky and blessed with everything - unlike him. At this moment, he passes by an unknown young man and is slightly curious about him.

It turns out that he is a new transfer student into Dongtae's class. His name is Dong Taebin, Taebin for short. Dongtae is immediately envious of his good looks, alarmed by his desk assignment next to him, and saddened by seeing that Eunju blushes at him.

In the next few weeks, Dongtae's misery increases as he sees not only that Taebin looks good, but becomes incredibly popular in no time, is highly accomplished at both academics and sports and worst of all, becomes increasingly close to Eunju.

After a particularly vicious beating from Hyunjo's group, he trudges back to his class one afternoon, only to find Taebin there, apparently playing a game in his smartphone. Taebin notices his injuries and shows concern, but Dongtae briefly lashes out only to apologise and break down afterwards, finally saying that it would have been great if he had been born like Taebin.

At hearing this, Taebin's attitude changes and he asks Dongtae whether he would be reborn and change everything if it were possible, only to add, enigmatically, that it is possible, adding: "Would you like to try a game?"

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